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Fabulous Features Wapda City Faisalabad
  • Consists of 6000 houses. A city by it self !
  • Spreads over 650 acres. Huge area !
  • Stretched 3KM along canal . As you dreamed of !
  • Designed and supervised by Nespak. No compromise over quality !
  • Inter block roads 120! And 80! Wide . Comfortable traffic flow when populated !
  • Elegantly designed streets 40 and 35 wide . Maintain your feeling of openness !
  • Electrification with strict standards . A WAPDA display.
  • Road lights and street lights . A lit city ! 
    Nine tubewells along canal and elegantly designed six over head tanks with capacity of 2.5 million
    liter drinking water . Best water quality and round the clock availability !
  • Perfectly designed and laid sewerage disposal system with disposal works disposing into paharang drain . Basic housing requirement fulfilled !
  • Exclusive pieces of land reserved for sector Mosque Jamia mosque Civic center Health center Police station ,etc. A complete city !
  • Provision of primary school ,high school and collages. A Happy family !
  • Main commercial boulevard and daily shopping areas in all sectors. To fulfill your basic needs !
  • Boundary wall, Ring road along the wall , and Entry gates . A walled city !
  • Security guards , wireless system , motorbikes. Had a tight sleep !
  • Eighteen parks and a central park of 12 acres. For all your recreational needs !
  • Civic and construction bye laws. To ensure a happy family life forever !
  • Graveyard.